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For various reasons. Hoping to get a premium membership sometime XD :D Points are a great way to tell me that you like my art :D

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Things to do:


:iconwastelandwolf: -realistic four headshots, speedpaint, detailed background
status- sketched

Trades- none

Collaborations- none

Art theft is bad, m'kay? Stamp - Tracing Is Art Theft by stop-tracing Season 4 Bloopers - Scream by WincestSounds Art theft by Shantella Steele is not amused Stamp by YalociYena
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So, I'm going to do REALLY cheap commissions. THIS IS LIMITED! Here are the rules and stuff-
1 point for a sai/photoshop full colored and shaded, transparent background of an oc or pet photo etc.
2 points for a custom adopt, shaded colored sai/photoshop, transparent background.

1) ONLY 5 people may commission either 1 or 2 points

2) ONE commission PER PERSON! (You may not commission from 5 different accounts. Only one)

3) I'd prefer you comment your commission, but a note is fine as well

4) please have a link to the character you want me to draw. The link MUST be full body where I can clearly see the markings.

5) if you would like a custom adopt, mention any colors you'd like me to include.

6) I'd prefer the characters to be canine or feline. Please no humans.

7) these commissions are meant to be quick so I can learn to draw faster. Please don't expect a detailed shading or anything like that.

8) DO NOT send point(s) until I reply to your comment.

9) ONE lucky commission (chosen on my mood or the design of the character) will be made into a speedpaint. I will choose a song (the song will NOT contain swears etc. so no need to worry about that) and send a note with the speedpaint. Only one of the five commissions will be a speedpaint.

Commissions requested:
1 :iconluminous-wolfie: -oc commission 
status- point sent, finished

2 :iconwastelandwolf: -oc commission
status- point sent, finished. video…

3 :iconeeriewolf: - custom commission
status- points sent, finished

4 :iconrussetpelt-07: -oc commission
status- point sent, finished

5 :icondogmaster22: -oc commission
status- point sent, finished

New Icon!

Sun Mar 16, 2014, 1:31 PM


                                                                                     As some of you may have noticed, I got a new icon. Here I would like to give credit to this awesome person who made the icon
                                                                                                 :iconlaurabeh: <- I'd highly suggest adding them to your watch. Their art is amazing!


Sat Mar 15, 2014, 9:09 AM
Ok, I've decided to lower my commission prices.
Traditional Art-
      Acrylic paints-  head-  20 points ; full body- 25 points
      Pencil/Pen/Charcoal etc. - full body not colored- 15 points  ;head not colored- 12  
full body colored- 17  ;head colored- 15 points
                     Realistic- greyscale head- 40 points
                                       greyscale body- 60 points

Digital Art-
       Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Cs2- lineart-
                                                                                             head greyscale- 12 points  
                                                                                               body greyscale- 15 points  
                                                                                                  head colored- 15 points  
                                                                                                     body colored-17 points
            Colored Head- 50 points
           Colored Body- 70 points

         +speedpaint- add 5 points
         +add a character- add 5 points
        +detailed background- add 5 points
        + solid color/gradient background- FREE

1) do not send points until I reply to your comment. 
2) I will draw anything EXCEPT people. (You may still commission a person drawing, but it probably won't turn out well)
3) DO NOT post ANY drawing  of mine ANYWHERE without        my permission!
4)  please have the points before you commission. However, I
WILL compromise with points!!!!! Feel free to ask if I can lower 
5) please don't ask how long a drawing will take. I will keep the 
progress of your drawing on my profile. 


Ok, Here is a list of all my ocs that will be in my soon-to-be comic:


VelocityMackenzie Valley Wolf -Male.

Journal Skin thing by VelociyDrawing17Last Hope by VelociyDrawing17

Divide-eurasian wolf -Male. Divide is supposed to be the next alpha. He is willing to do anything to please his father, Cyrus. However, Divide feels that Velocity may be capable of stealing his place as alpha.

Divide by VelociyDrawing17

Sarcasm-eurasian wolf -Male. Sarcasm is Velocity's best friend. The two are always causing trouble in the pack. Sarcasm is the mate of Arnette and the father of Raven, Eve, Burgundy, and Ghost.

Gravity (Alpha)-Mackenzie Valley Wolf -Male. Supreme Alpha over all wolves (will be explained in comic) Gravity has good moral and is the father of Velocity.

Time-Mackenzie Valley Wolf -Female. A lower ranking wolf who is the mother of Velocity. Time is shy, selfless, and caring.

Shanti-eurasian wolf -Female. she is very passive and does what she is told. Shanti has a soft spot for Divide. Shanti is the mother of Divide and Sarcasm.

Cyrus-eurasian wolf -Male. A dominant alpha who won his rank by fighting his brother. Cyrus is the father of Divide and Sarcasm.

Raven-eurasian wolf -Male. Raven is the future mate of Starr. He has depression due to his parents not getting along.

Starr-northern rocky mountain wolf -Female. She is very energetic and cheerful. Starr is also the sister of Roscos.

Roscos-northern rocky mountain wolf -Male. He is very protective of his sister. Roscos does not like Raven at all.

Burgundy-eurasian wolf -Male. He is very lazy and is also known to have alcohol problems. Burgundy is the outcast of the family.

Ghost-eurasian wolf -Male. Many people don't notice him. Ghost is intelligent and has a good sense of right and wrong.

Eve-eurasian wolf -Female. She is like her mother Arnette and is a strong willed leader.

Arnetteeurasian wolf -Female. The mother of Raven, Eve, Burgundy, and Ghost. She doesn't always get along with Sarcasm and feels like he doesn't do enough in the pack.

Dux (Alpha) -Timber Wolf -Male. The current Alpha.

Warren- Tibetan Wolf- Male. Negotiator of Dux. Warren is very intelligent. Later in the comic, Warren looses his eyes in a fight with Javi.


AlaricBhayari Alsatian -Male. Brother of Adel. Alaric is a police dog.

Bhayari Alsatian -Male. Brother of Alaric. Adel is the ruler of dogs.

Bailey -St. Bernard -Male. Commander of military under Adel.

Olivier -Papillon Pomeranian mix- Male. Intelligent dog working in technology.

Ewald-Doberman Pinscher- Male. Works in justice and law. Works under Adel.

Cooper-American Foxhound- Male. Deals with negotiating. Works under Adel.

Dove-Border Collie- Female. Works with Adel and deals with education.

Kilo-Dalmatian Alaskan Malamute mix- Male. A dog with ADD. Kilo works under Adel in health services.

Pepper-Chihuahua (long hair)-Male. Under Adel's command. Works with security and transportation.

Cain-New guinea singing dog -Male. Friend of dingos. Works for Adel. Cobalt's best friend. Works with food

Cobalt-thai ridgeback -Male. He fallows orders of Adel. Cain's best friend. Works with labor and jobs.

Pearl-poodle -Female. Friend of Comet. She is often jealous of Lilac.

Lilac-Chihuahua -Female. Lilac is demanding and wants to be Comet's mate.

Dillon-golden retriever -Male. A famous dog who will do anything to keep his fame

Comet-welsh corgi -Male. Another famous dog. Comet enjoys being with other (female) dogs.

Baxter-boxer -Male. A famous dog who fallows commands from Dillon.


Una -Turkish angora -Female. Leader of cats. Una is usually calm and patient to a certain point. Though most are intimidated by Javi, he seems to bring her comfort during the war. Javi has one of those personalities where he words things in a truthful but settling manner.

Dusel -Korat -Male. An intelligent cat from Thailand who decided to work under the command of Una.

-domestic shorthair -Female. A stray cat protecting her kittens. Mona doesn't usually trust others.


Rebenji 'Ji'-kenai peninsula wolf -Male. Ji has difficulty speaking because of a Latin accent spoken by wolves. Ji is a demon who was raised by Kronos. 

Wolf by VelociyDrawing17

Kronos-timber wolf/American pit bull mix -Male. Kronos is a demon who was raised by Cyanide. Kronos is easily angered.

Cyanide-labernese -Male. Cyanide isn't exactly sane. He is also a demon who guards the gate of hell for those who arrive.


Glitch-serval -Female. Glitch is an angel who is calm and very intelligent. She was killed by an Akita. Glitch is also a computer geek, but she uses her talents for the benefit of others.
Timber-Aardwolf -Male. Also an angel.
                   (others are added later in the comic)

Javi -Spotted hyena -Male. Assistant of Una. Javi is extremely intelligent in figuring things out and negotiating with others.

Labi- African Wild Dog- Male. Assistant of Warren. Labi is usually frightened or scared, but he is intelligent and skilled at finding food. 


Sat Feb 22, 2014, 8:09 AM
go and watch :iconsylean: !!!! they are one of the most brilliant and generous people on deviantart and their art is AMAZING! seriously, watch them, favorite their drawings, etc. They put a lot of work into their art and comics and are just really nice :)

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